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Bringing Your RV on the Ferry

Kennicott - Off loading an RV in Kodiak  

Here is a diagram of the measurements needed. You will also be asked for the height including air conditioners etc. that are on top of your rig. (Not Shown)

Best Rule: If you require clearance for it, it MUST be included in the measurements!

There are some ports that have more definite restrictions than others. This can be due to....



If you have a long motorhome pulling a car or trailer, Haines can be a problem since that vessel can sometimes be a side load and a 90 degree short turn is required. It is recommended to come and go from Skagway which is a straight drive-on and drive-off. If you are towing a car, and can unhook and drive each on separately that would also alleviate the problem.


RV’s, motor homes, busses, vans, and flat-bed trucks will be limited to a maximum overhang of 6 feet past the rear axle. (6’ from the rear axle to a 12” high rear bumper)

No vehicles with a distance greater than 6 feet from the rear axle to the rear bumper will be permitted to load or unload in Gustavus. The distance from the rear bumper to the ground may not measure less than 12 inches. Box trucks with pintle hitches and lift gates attached are also restricted.

RV’s, motor homes, campers, and flat-beds may not exceed the rear axle guidelines and may not have a tow vehicle attached (i.e. small trailer, car or boat).

Vehicles with trailers will be limited to a boat trailer length of 20 feet. Containers will also be limited to a length of 20 feet.

For truck and trailer combinations, the trailer/box portion cannot exceed 20 feet in length. This rule also applies to containers, vans, and box-trucks.

PDF document Visual reference to Gustavus Vehicle Restrictions

Kennicott - Off loading in Kodiak using extreme care  

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