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Bring Your Pet on the Alaska Ferry 

Traveling with your pet on the Alaska Ferry requires careful consideration. Even though the Alaska Marine Highway will accept many of them, it does not mean that all animals are able to sail without issues. The most common pet traveling is, of course, the dog.

All pets must have Rabies vaccination paperwork and a veterinary issues health certificate.

All pets must have Rabies vaccination paperwork.

If you bring a pet dog or cat at least three months old from the United States into Canada, you must have a certificate to show that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies within the last three years. The certificate has to be dated and signed by a veterinarian, and it must identify the animal by breed, age, sex, coloring, and any distinguishing marks. Animal tags are not acceptable in place of certificates.

If you bring a pet dog or cat under three months old from the United States, or a guide dog from any country, you do not need a certificate, but the animal has to be in good health when it arrives.

See also the U.S. Customs regulations regarding pets and wildlife (46KB PDF).

Your pet does not have to be in a carrier if it is traveling in a vehicle.

Your pet must be contained in a Pet Carrier on the car deck at all times.

Pets are restricted to the car deck and must be contained in an approved carrier or be transported in a vehicle and accompanied by an adult passenger. U.S. Coast Guard regulations restrict passenger access to the car deck while the vessel is underway. On extended sailings such as between Bellingham and Ketchikan, Juneau and Whittier, and in route to Sitka, 15-minute pet calls will be made approximately every 8 hours to allow pet owners to be escorted to the car deck. Owners are responsible for attending and cleaning up after pets. Pet calls are made at the discretion of the Captain and may occur throughout the day or night. Owners may also attend to pets any time the vessel is stopped in port. Household pets other than dogs and cats may be subject to additional rules and restrictions, please call for more information.

Pet owners should take into consideration the car deck environment on board the ferry before confirming travel with a pet. Vehicles are parked closely together which may make it difficult for large dogs to exit or enter vehicles. Accessing vehicles with swinging rear doors or elderly pets that need special accommodation, such as a ramp, may not be possible. For the safety of our passengers and other pets, please consider how your pet may react to the stress of an unfamiliar environment.

Certified Service Animals

There is no charge on any route for a certified service animal accompanying a person with a disability. At the time of booking, please notify the reservations agent if you are traveling with a certified service animal; the reservations agent will notify vessel staff. Only certified service animals are allowed on passenger decks aboard Alaska Marine Highway vessels. Comfort and therapy animals are required to follow the AMHS pet policy and will be restricted to the car deck.





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