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Staterooms- 4 berth: n/a
Staterooms- 3 berth: n/a
Staterooms- 2 berth: n/a
ADA Staterooms- 4b: n/a
ADA Staterooms- 2b: n/a
Total Staterooms: 0
Total Berths: 0

Vehicles & Crew

Passenger Capacity: 250
Crew Capacity: 10
Vehicle Capacity (ft.): 720
Vehicle Quantity: 36
Van Quantity: 5


Year Built: 2004 Length (ft.): 235
Beam (ft.): 60
Displacement (LT): 787
Loaded Draft: 8'-6"
Service HP: 19,310
Service Speed (kn): 32
Domestic Tons: 1,280
International Tons: 3,442

airweather Overview

Namesake: Fairweather Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

There are two "fast ferries" in the Alaska Marine Highway ferry fleet. The Fairweather is a catamaran-style fast ferry and it's sister-ship is the Chenega. While these vessels are very good looking and fun to ride, their purchase was not without controversy since this style of vessel is not known for being the best for rougher waters, which Alaska has plenty of throughout the year.

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