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Canadian Entrance via Alaska Ferry Ports

There are only three ports that the Alaska Marine Highway sails into that have access to Canada requiring Canadian Customs entrance.

  1. Prince Rupert, British Columbia
  2. Haines, Alaska
  3. Skagway, Alaska

Passports are required when you are utilizing any of these three ports. No passport is needed for ALL other ferry travel on the Alaska Marine Highway.

Don't Have a Passport?
You may now fill out your passport application form using the convenient Passport Application Wizard. Be prepared to print the completed form which includes a barcode that holds all of your information, as this allows for more speedy, accurate, and efficient processing of your application.

The same Wizard can be used to apply for the new wallet-sized passport card which can be used in crossing land borders only. More information on the Passport Card can be found here.

Children's Passports
Applications for passports for children under the age of 16 are given special attention in order to lessen the possibility that a U.S. passport might be used in the course of an international parental child abduction.

Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions regarding passports.  CLICK HERE

Customs Restrictions for U.S. Visitors to Canada

 For a detailed summary of Canada's customs regulations and restrictions, please visit the Canada Border Services Agency website.

As a visitor, you can bring certain goods into Canada for your own use as "personal baggage" during your stay. If you declare these goods when you arrive, and take them back with you when you leave, you will not have to pay any duties or taxes. These goods may not be used by a resident of Canada or on behalf of a business based in Canada.

Personal baggage includes things like clothing, camping equipment, sports equipment, personal computers and cameras. It also includes vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. Items for business use in Canada are admissible as personal baggage. You may be required to fill out a Customs Declaration Card.

The Customs inspector may request a security deposit on your goods and may issue a Temporary Admission Permit as a Customs control of the goods. Present the goods to Customs when you leave Canada and your deposit will be refunded.

A summary of Canada's Customs regulations follows below. For more detailed information, please visit their web site or contact them by telephone. The CBSA operates the Border Information Service, a computerized, 24-hour telephone service that automatically answers all incoming calls and provides general border services information. Within Canada it can be reached toll-free at 1-800-461-9999; outside of Canada it can be reached at 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064. Please note that long-distance charges apply to calls from outside Canada.


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