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Traveling with Firearms


If you are a visitor to Canada, and do not have a Canadian firearms license and, in the case of a restricted firearm, a registration certificate, you are required to declare your firearms in writing.

Weapons are strictly controlled. Visitors bringing firearms into Canada, or planning to borrow and use firearms while in Canada, are required to declare the firearms in writing using a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form.

NOTE: Travelers should be advised that certain knives, even those used for hunting and fishing, may be considered prohibited weapons.

In all cases, travelers must declare to Canadian Customs authorities any firearms and weapons in their possession when entering Canada. There are often facilities near border crossings where weapons may be stored, pending the traveler's return to the United States, but this should be done before attempting to enter Canada.

NOTE: Canadian law requires that officials seize firearms and weapons from those crossing the border who deny having them in their possession. Seized firearms and weapons are never returned.

US Embassy in Canada - CLICK HERE

Canada Border Service Agency - CLICK HERE

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - CLICK HERE

Here is an important link to start the process of declaring your firearm(s) for Canadian travel.  CLICK HERE


Walk-on passengers traveling with legal firearms or weapons on AMHS vessels are required to check these items with an AMHS employee.

All firearms must be unloaded and ammunition stowed separately from the firearms. Unloaded firearms may be securely locked in passengers' vehicles. Maximum ammunition allowance is 65lbs.

When you call to make your reservation, please tell the reservations agent that you will be transporting any firearms.


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